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August 18 - District of Kitimat council meeting

Published in the Kitimat Northern Sentinel, August 18, 2010.
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When the agenda item, Kitamaat Village Council - Request for Apology (Verbal - Mayor Monaghan), was introduced, Councillor Feldhoff asked if this was not something which could be done in camera, and wondered why it was on the regular agenda.

Councillor Feldhoff’s motion to move the discussion in camera died when there was no seconder.

When the motion died, Councillor Gottschling interjected he wished the item tabled to the next regular meeting because, “we have other issues of interest that we would like to talk [about] with the Haisla.”

He continued, “this is a wonderful opening and another reason that we can get together and really air some of our differences or some of the positive things that we’re looking for.”

Noticing Haisla Chief Councillor Dolores Pollard in the audience, Councillor Feldhoff asked if she was expecting to speak to the agenda item.

Chief Councillor Pollard replied, “no, if I was meant to speak, my name would be on the agenda.”

Before the vote for the tabling motion could be taken, Chief Councillor Pollard spoke to clarify her position, “I was here prepared to speak.  There were emails going back and forth between the mayor and our elected council.  We were asked to show up at tonight’s meeting.  It was my intention to come and speak, but I saw my name was not on the agenda.”

Mayor Monaghan replied, “What happened was that I said we would entertain you at 7:30 p.m., because that’s when the people who were presenting were coming.  When we finished with the presentations, I didn’t see you in the audience.”

Chief Councillor Pollard maintained she arrived on time, but Mayor Monaghan maintained she did not see her.

Chief Councillor Pollard noted she would not likely have been called on because was not listed among the presenters in the agenda.

Mayor Monaghan explained she wasn’t informed someone was coming until the morning of the council meeting and the agenda was completed the previous Thursday.

Councillor Feldhoff suggested Chief Councillor Pollard be allowed to speak despite not being on the agenda which would require the unanimous vote of council.

Chief Councillor Pollard explained she was in attendance to hear what council had to say and would respond to that.

Councillor Feldhoff explained normally presentations are made to council, council will ask questions of the presenter and then make a decision, there is no provision for council to make a statement and then answer questions.

Chief Councillor Pollard found the proposed tabling motion acceptable, “if there is no other choice.”

She added, “we were told ‘show up at 7:30 p.m.’

“We weren’t told that we were going to be part of presentations, and that we had to make a presentation to ask for an apology.”

She also added the meeting had been a waste of her time and her council’s time.

With that, Chief Councillor Pollard stormed out of the meeting.

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