Saturday, June 02, 2012

Okay, go

Ernie on the left while Bert looks on.
I'm blessed to live a full, rich life.

Among the many, many things I love, The Muppets are a top ten for me.

I grew up watching them on Sesame Street and my greatest ambition at the time was to grow up to be like Ernie.

After all, he got to eat candy and he lived with his best friend. Who wouldn't want that?

And no, I don't believe the rumours.

I also like the power pop band OK Go.

I was introduced to them, like so many people, through their viral videos.

OK Go aren't a top ten for me, but I like them a lot.

Yes, my wife and daughter are top ten.

Why do you keep asking me that?


Sorry about that, sometimes the voices in my head are jerks.

And they still haven't paid last month's rent.

I'd throw them out, but where would they go? Who'd take all of them in? I don't think it would be fair to separate them since they've been together so long.

Um, so, anyway, we were talking [you and I, not the voices and I] about Muppets and OK Go, and about how much I love them [Yes, and my family. Would you just shut up about it?!].

Just like Reese brought together chocolate and peanut butter and it was good, the Internet has brought together the Muppets and OK Go.

And it is good.

Actually, it's hilarious.

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