Friday, October 05, 2012

My wife is gonna be PISSED

You owe me one.
So, I'm at home working on a proposal to fix a company's online presence (they have five Facebook pages and one Facebook group. They really need me.) when I get a phone call from 604-259-0402.

I assume (well, actually, hope with fingers crossed) that's it's someone ready to offer me a full-time job so I can pay off some of the creditors who are also calling.

[Hire me, I'll fix your Internet presence for food. (I mean cash, I'll fix your online presence for cash. {Cash which I can use to buy food!}{I miss food.})]

So, I answer the phone and Bonita tells me I've been selected to receive a Disney vacation including:

  • Seven days six nights Caribbean cruise
  • Rental car with unlimited mileage
  • Disney World
  • Orlando Magic card good for discounts on attractions
Because I registered for it.

Okay, unlike the whole Home Depot gift card scam on Facebook, I generally don't register for stuff.

"Where did I register?", I asked suspiciously.

"Online in the last twelve months," I was told.

"Where online?"

"At AOL, or MSN or Yahoo!," Bonita explained. (Well, not explain exactly. More like brush aside.)

I knew that was wrong, but I was also glad it wasn't fall out from that whole Home Depot gift card scam on Facebook.

So, after telling me what a great vacation I was due, Bonita wanted to know my wife's name.


This isn't the part my wife will be upset about.

Actually, she'd be quite happy I didn't give out her name.

Now that Bonita had my wife's "name", she wanted to talk with her on the extension in our house.

"She's not here."

Then Bonita wanted to do a conference call with her at work.

"She's too busy to take calls at work."

That won't piss off my wife either.

Bonita moved on and asked about dietary restrictions ("We eat all organic!" I didn't feel like eating Kosher, Halal or vegan.), whether we had been to the Caribbean before (Had we!), and did my Visa credit card number start with a four?

Wait, what?

To pay the $287 per person "registration" fee.

And now we have all pieces of a scam in place:

  • Unsolicited phone call
  • Something too good to pass up
  • And a small fee to receive the thing too good to pass up
I asked who the company was and Bonita told me she was calling from RCI.


"Are they a time share company?" I asked as I looked them up on the Internet.

"No. Does your 16 digit Visa card number start with a four?"

"I assume they all do."

I hope Visa will knock a couple of points off my interest rates for not simply giving out the number.

Actually, it wouldn't have mattered, I'm over the credit limit.

I know, you're shocked, aren't you?

After a couple of rounds of me asking to simply call the her back, Bonita asking if my Visa card number started with a four, and me assuming they all did (I was a cashier one upon a time, I think the Visa cards all started with 4-5-something) Bonita accepted that my card started with a four and put me through to Yvonne, "who could answer all my questions".

Yvonne couldn't.

For twenty minutes.

But I did record our conversation.

For quality assurance purposes.

I hope my wife isn't pissed that I lost out on a Disney vacation.

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