Monday, September 04, 2006

Guess Where I Am (No, really, guess)

Okay, yes, I am in Belleville. Specifically I am in the Starbucks in Belleville (thanks to the Wilson's), enjoying a doppio espresso and a cookie, but that's not important.

The crash of the Mars Polar Lander, the inability of Volkswagen to build a front engine/front wheel drive minivan people actually want to buy and me not sending in the $500 deposit to secure my accommodation on campus at Loyalist College. Go ahead, read that last sentence again, I'll wait here.

Yes, I am enrolled at the school, I will be attending there tomorrow, but I won't be living there because when I came here in early August to SEE the campus accommodation, I was also SUPPOSED to leave a $500 deposit to secure my accommodation.

No, I am not homeless, I have found a place to stay. I have a room in a house with a woman named Catherine and her son Graeme. Actually, I think it will be better than staying on campus (really, who wants to live with five teenage boys away from their parents for possibly the first time) for slightly less money. I am a short walk from the bus to school and downtown Belleville.

I am unpacked, I have a place to stay and life is good. I may be a dumbass, but life, nevertheless, is good.
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