Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Shootings in Montreal

Normally those sort of events don't get to me. I'm not scared or even very upset, but I guess I am bothered. I feel safe at school, I have no reason to think there might be a "copy cat" event, but then, no one expects these events at all.

The reasons I am affected I suppose any pop psychologist could explain without even talking to Dr. Phil, let alone Oprah. I suppose there is some validity the reasons like "well you're in a college too", "you're way closer to Montreal now" or "you're away from the familiar things which gave you comfort and reassurance". I think the Montreal shootings have unsettled me because I can too easily imagine the events unfolding. A man, looking out of place walks into a school cafeteria not very different from my school cafeteria...

I hope the police, security people and other emergency workers find a way to deal with what they may have seen or done, they as much as anyone pay a very high emotional price in these situations. I hope the injured are able to heal in every way. The student body sounds very supportive, and so there is hope that they will be able to help each other heal. I hope the family of the young woman who was killed have as much love and support around them too, because they will need it.

I hope the young man who did the shootings finds the peace and love he was so desparetely missing in life.

I hope we are able to help the next young man before he decides to do something no one can really explain rationally.
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