Sunday, January 14, 2007

I feel sorry for children that grow up in Belleville. Not that Belleville is necessarily a bad place to grow up, but with so many media programs at Loyalist College I imagine the children here having the idea that everywhere in the world half a dozen photojournalists, a video person and a radio person show up for children's soccer games. I can see, one day, a family moving from Belleville to Toronto, or some big city, and now the poor child becomes confused that the only media people at the school Christmas play (do they still have those?) are grandma and grandpa. Of course, I also have the mental image of grandpa holding the video camera while grandma holds the boom mike, but maybe that's just my little problem.

I thought I heard a story about that happening at the pre-school Osama bin Laden and George Bush went to.

And, yes, that is a pictures of ducks. You wanna make something of it?
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