Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where am I (Online)

I love the internet(s). It's like a series of pipes you know. Because I don't have as much access to television as I used to, I spend even more time online and these are some of my favourite sites.

Wikipedia - this is the ubiquitous information site. I wouldn't use it as a primary source of information, but when you just want to know who lost the Battle of Hastings this is just easier.

- this is kind of the opposite of Wikipedia. There are no facts here. I don't mean "facts" the way Stephen Colbert means "facts", but as in nothing on the site is true, which makes it a lot of fun.

Internet Archive - if you have ethical issues with not paying the copyright holder for the use of his or her intellectual property, Internet Archive has a ton of stuff available for you to access legally without cost. Movies, radio plays, music and text which is in the public domain, plus works available as part of Creative Commons licensing (look it up at Wikipedia)

ECNPA (Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association) - This is the professional association where I have a membership as part of my tuition. Okay, it's not quite the CGA, or the RNABC but it's mine.

Live365 - online radio. Think of all the good stuff about Sirius Satellite or XM Radio and then imagine you could access it for free. Yeah, okay, I can't take it in my car. Whatever.

Google News - Google's customizable news service. The BBC's news site is cool, but this is news from everybody's news sites.

ThreeHillsFlying - No the hills are not flying!!! Hills are mostly stationary. This is my very good friend Rod's son's blog. I also have a link to it on the right side of this page. It's there somewhere.

Autoblog - Car news for the car guy or chick in your life.

The Tyee - Oddly, this has nothing to do with fishing, Unless Rafe Mair is posting about salmon farming again. This is a news blog from BC.

Overheard in Vancouver - just like Overheard in New York and Overheard in the Office, but in Vancouver. I'm not sure how close the affiliation is.

Chad Vader - the ongoing video saga of Darth Vader's less famous younger brother. Kind of like how Karl was the less famous Marx brother (look it up at Wikipedia, trust me).

Ask a Ninja - I only know one ninja, L. T. Suzuki, from my writers' group and she's back in Vancouver, so whenever I have questions about ninja culture I go here.

The thing about these sites is that you can access their cool content without charge and without sighing up for anything, except for the Google News site which you have to sign up for to customize, which seems fair to me.
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