Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yeah, Star Trek is okay, Star Wars nice and the new Battlestar Galactica will do, ya know, if there's nothing else to do.

TRON 2 is coming!!!!!


The 1982 movie Tron had amazing special effects, better than anything else I had seen, including Star Wars.

Oddly, it wasn't nominated for an Academy Award because (wait for it) they used computers to create the special effects.

I loved the light cycles.

The Tron arcade game was one of very few I was competent at back when they had arcades. (Ask your parents.)

I loved the light cycles.

Actually, the Tron arcade game was one of very few whose gameplay had anything to do with the movie.

I loved the light cycles.

I mean, seriously, what did the arcade game Tempest have to do with William Shakespeare's movie?

And as for Pontiac's (the car company, not the First Nation chief) attempt to do a product tie-in with the movie or Broadway play, how high was John Z?

One last note before you watch the YouTube teaser below (because I know you didn't just skip the "blah, blah, blah" wordy part and go straight to the video), dear reader, you should know the trials I went through to get you the best video available on the internet, as of this writing.

No, I didn't attend a Comicon.

No, I didn't fix a poor quality cellphone video. (This is called "foreshadowing". You'll understand when you see the video)

I got Rickrolled. (Ask your kids.)

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